10:30a.m.    Family Worship


11:00a.m.  Prayer Time at Suncoast Citadel

6:30p.m.    Songsters (Choir)

7:30p.m.    Band


10:00a.m   Women's Bible Study 
                  led by Pat Sheppard at West Street Apartments

6:30p.m.    Kids Together (Sept. thru June)
                  Ages 5-8 led by Andrea Allen
                  Ages 9+ led by Lieutenant Laura Hickman

6:30p.m.    Life Group led by Kelly Daniels at Suncoast Citadel​*

6:30p.m.    Life Group led by Lieutenant David Hickman at Suncoast Citadel​* 

6:30p.m.    Beach and Bible (During the Summer Months Only)** 

*Life Groups (Small Group Bible Study):
 Our Life Groups meet on a weekly basis from September to the beginning of June. In our busy world today, it can be difficult to find time to make connections with people, or to find time to study the Bible on a regular basis. Life Groups can help with this, as these groups help you to get to know people, learn about God, and find time to pray with other Christians.

**Beach and Bible operates during the months of summer and replaces the Life Groups that operate during the rest of the year. It typically starts with a Bible Study and is followed by a time of prayer. The meeting place for Beach and Bible is Saint Christopher’s Beach. 

* This is a typical schedule, but for exact details and information, please call 519-524-8822.

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